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[Supply side of the reform of the forerunner] Jiangxi Hongyuan: innovation and research

 Chemical fiber industry after years of extraordinary development, there has been a situation of excess capacity. In the whole industry downturn, Jiangxi Hongyuan can maintain the leading position in the field of chemical fiber machinery production, to ensure that corporate profits and staff income does not decline, mainly rely on keeping up with market demand, new product development and promotion; focus on product development management System construction, professional modularization to improve research and development efficiency, incentive system to enhance staff research and development initiative; to seek breakthroughs in product innovation, green, functional and differentiated products to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. After a short half of the interview, the reporter has personally feel the business to the history of science and technology spinning responsibility and innovation and development, integrity and win-win situation, the pursuit of excellence for the business philosophy of corporate culture.


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